Motivation – Normani

The video starts out as being a little emotional. It shows a sweet little Normoni all excited about music and she dreams that someday she will be “a great” in the music scene.

Just when I thought that there was no hope for Pop Music these days. The choreography is excellent. Great dancing! It was put together well. Also, the camera-work was excellent with fabulous angles and effects.

There is a comedy part of the video when there is a sexually macho man that walks away with an overweight girl. Still when it comes to the music; it is over digitalized and not very original.

Still, there is nothing that is original with the music. Additionally, the music does not utilize a proper drummer for the beat. However, it pretends that there is value for music by introducing a trumpet player in the middle of the video. This is a problem that has been plaguing the music industry for years! When it comes to the music video, I give it an 8. However, if I were to just listen to the music on an iPod or on the radio; I probably would have skipped it. I give it a 1 out of 10.REPLY

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