Videos about Hybrid Snare Drum Rudiments. Hybrid Snare Drum Rudiments are rudiments that are a combination of 2 or more rudiments. Sometimes they are not even a full combination, but a partial. These videos will help you learn how to play these rudiments and will also show you how others play these snare drum rudiments.

The Double Paradiddle-Diddle Drum Rudiment

The Double Paradiddle-Diddle Drum Rudiment is not a standard drum rudiment. Being that it is not a NARD (National Association of Rudimental Drummers) drum rudiment or a PAS drum Rudiment (Percussive Arts Society); it is a hybrid drum rudiment, which is a rudiment that is not as common, yet extremely interesting to learn. It is a rudiment that many drummers want to learn how to play, and will dramatically improve a players performing skills, because it will help develop a drummers hands, by exercising muscles in the hands and wrists. Watch a video by D Mark Agostinelli, the author of the best seller, "The Drum Rudiment Bible" on how to properly play the The Double Paradiddle-Diddle Drum Rudiment.

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