3 Things All Beginner Drummers Should Focus On

3 Things All Beginner Drummers Should Focus On —
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It’s tough these days when you are a beginner drummer…there is SO MUCH information out there. How do we know what we need to focus on in our drumming? What is the most important? What really doesn’t matter.

Here are 3 areas that all beginner drummers should focus on. These are not cool licks…they’re not crazy beats…they are time tested and proven big picture items that will have you up and playing along to your favorite songs in no time. They’re not easy and you won’t master them overnight. But focusing on these items in your drum practice time will put you well ahead of other players. Focusing on these 3 items is the reason I was able to start playing professionally at the age of 16. When you’re on the gig, NO ONE CARES whether you can play that cool, slick sextupletratamcueinsanesetthedrumsonfire fill. They care that you can play good time, make the music feel good, and get from point A to point B on the drums without screwing it up.

Real talk. But these will give you real results when playing actual music.

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