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Rudiments are one of the most important aspects to develop when learning to play the drums.  Don’t overlook them.  This is what makes or breaks a good percussionist.  Without them; its like not learning your ABC’s

D. Mark Agostinelli

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The 4 Stroke Ruff Drum Rudiment: The 4 Stroke Ruff Around the Drum Set

Now, D. Mark Agostinelli wrote “The 4 Stroke Ruff Drum Rudiment - The 4 Stroke Ruff around the Drum Set”, which is the ultimate book for developing your 4 Stroke Ruff. Finally a book that is dedicated to the “4 Stroke Ruff” This book has 114 pages of rhythms and exercises in 4/4 to improve your reading, speed, and creativity; all based around the 4 Stroke Ruff. The 4 Stroke Ruff is played as a 4 note sequence throughout the book for easy reading, and lots of fun!

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Markis World - Drum Rudiments - D Mark Agostinelli - Drum Rudiment Bible


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Playing, made simple.

Everyone can write drum music, but not everyone can write it well. What makes the difference is to write it so that people can understand, learn and have fun at the same time.

Markis World - Drum Rudiments - D Mark Agostinelli - Drum Rudiment Bible

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Thanks to years of research by D Mark Agostinelli he was able to bring you the most comprehensive list of Hybrid Drum Rudiments 

You can also find some on YouTube - Just Search D Mark Agostinelli

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This solo from 1956 is really, really bad. Let's analyze it. Get started with your free MONTH trial of Curiosity Stream + Nebula here! Listen to the Jones Girl (alt take) - The Five Satins "Flying Home" by Illinois Jacquet (1942) Illinois Jacquet obituary Red Prysock - Hand Clappin’ Big Jay McNeely - Deacon’s Hop Big Jay McNeely Obituary Book with a history of Jones Girl Article about Saxophonist Vinny Mazetta Interview with Five Satins singer Jim Freeman Elliott Carter - Eight Etudes and a Fantasty for Woodwind Quintet David Bruce Composer’s excellent video on composing with one note Tony Lakatos' "one-note solo" Transcription Ligeti - György Ligeti - Musica Ricercata One Note Improv Teaching resource Bryan Ferry - Let's Stick Together The R&B Saxophone Player list Donna Schwartz One note solos; A different approach to Jazz Improvisation Rock GUitar solos - One note samba Leo P at BBC Proms Rob Scallon One Note Solo Image Credit (⌐■_■) ⦿ Adam Neely T-shirts! ⦿ ⦿ SUPPORT ME ON PATREON ⦿ ⦿ FOLLOW ME ON THE INTERNETS ⦿ ⦿ Check out some of my music ⦿ Peace, Adam

BABY SHARK DANCE | Drum cover | Amazing Child Drummer

That is how I have been recently. PLEASE VISIT MY NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL & SUBSCRIBE! Feel free to follow me on Instagram! PLEASE CHECK THE "2X FASTER" VERSION! (6 y/o Drummer) 「ベビーシャーク」「ベイビーシャーク」「さめのかぞく」で有名な世界的こども人気曲を5歳ドラマーがドラムで叩いてみた。 Sing and Dance! | Animal Songs | PINKFONG Songs for Children WEB: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: The Drummer, Torataro is 5-year-old japanese musician. He started playing drums at age 3. He loves to play classic, rock, jazz, metal and progressive music. Special Thanks to “Yamaha ART” & “Zildjian Cymbals” #pinkfong #kid #kids #kidssongs #baby #babies #babiessongs #babyshark #phonics #smartstudy #toddler #toddlersongs #toddlermusic #babysharkchallenge

Pirates of the Caribbean - Epic Drums! - Joe Taranto

____ Follow Joe Taranto ____ Joe Taranto on drums interpreting the track title ‘He’s a pirate’, composed by Klaus Badelt for the feature film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl’. ____ Private drum lessons from Joe Taranto ____ Available in Melbourne, Australia. For info, go to: ____ Video Recording Information ____ Audio engineering and video post production - Joe Taranto Director of photography / camera operation - John Prescott ( ). Filmed at Ultimate Sound Recording Studios, Melbourne, Australia. For info on Joe Taranto's recording studio and services, email Ultimate Sound Recording Studios: ( ) ____ Soundtrack Credit ____ © 2003 Walt Disney Music Company (ASCAP) ℗ 2003 Walt Disney Records © Disney Under exclusive license to WEA International Inc. Music composed by Klaus Badelt. Distributed by Universal Music Group, Inc. Buy the original soundtrack here:

How to Make Amplifier Class A Stereo 2SC5200 Use Old Computer Power Supply

Hello everyone, in this video, how to create a simple Class A stereo amplifier, using 12V power from the old computer source and all in the power supply box. Diagram of amplifier assembly circuit you see in the video (or download it in the link in the video description): Thank you for watching the video. If you like the video, leave a comment and subscribe to support me being motivated to make more good videos. Good luck. Amplifier Parts: 2SC5200 Transistors x 2 Aluminum heat sink x 1 Insulation pads silicone mica x 2 Heat sink silicone 50K Double potentiometer x 1 2k2 Resistors x 1 680 Ohm / 1W Resistors x 1 220uf / 50v Capacitors x 2 4700uf/ 25v Capacitors x 2 Led color x 1 Old computer power supply -------------------------------------------------------------- *Subscribing to the channel so that you don't miss the latest videos: --------------------------------------------------------------------- *****Video you may not have watched***** *DIY Class A Amplifier Using C5200 Transistor Extremely Powerful: *Diy Simple Three Transistor Class-AB Audio Amplifier: *How to Make Simple Amplifier With Transistor PNP, Dual Speakers Connect: *Diy Amplifier Extreme Powerful Bass With Quad Transistors 2SA1943: *Diy Amplifier Circuit Using Transistors 13007 From The Old Computer Power Supply: *DIY Class A Amplifier 2SC5200 Transistor Extremely Powerful Using Output Capacitors: *DIY Amplifier simple 2SA1943 and 2SC5200 Transistor Extremely Powerful Using Output Capacitors: *How to Build 30W Mono Amplifier With IC NE5532: *DIY Amplifier Class A Stereo Extremely Powerful Using Output Capacitors: *Diy Amplifier Stereo Class A Extremely Powerful Using Transistor H1061 Output Capacitors: *DIY Amplifier Darlington 2N3055 Transistor Extremely powerful Using Output Capacitors: -----------------------------------------------------------------------

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