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Rudiments are one of the most important aspects to develop when learning to play the drums.  Don’t overlook them.  This is what makes or breaks a good percussionist.  Without them; its like not learning your ABC’s

D. Mark Agostinelli

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The 4 Stroke Ruff Drum Rudiment: The 4 Stroke Ruff Around the Drum Set

Now, D. Mark Agostinelli wrote “The 4 Stroke Ruff Drum Rudiment - The 4 Stroke Ruff around the Drum Set”, which is the ultimate book for developing your 4 Stroke Ruff. Finally a book that is dedicated to the “4 Stroke Ruff” This book has 114 pages of rhythms and exercises in 4/4 to improve your reading, speed, and creativity; all based around the 4 Stroke Ruff. The 4 Stroke Ruff is played as a 4 note sequence throughout the book for easy reading, and lots of fun!

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Markis World - Drum Rudiments - D Mark Agostinelli - Drum Rudiment Bible


Check out some of the best books written for Drum Rudiments

Playing, made simple.

Everyone can write drum music, but not everyone can write it well. What makes the difference is to write it so that people can understand, learn and have fun at the same time.

Markis World - Drum Rudiments - D Mark Agostinelli - Drum Rudiment Bible

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Learn Hybrid Rudiments
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Thanks to years of research by D Mark Agostinelli he was able to bring you the most comprehensive list of Hybrid Drum Rudiments 

You can also find some on YouTube - Just Search D Mark Agostinelli

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Louis Bellson

Louis Bellson was the stage name for Luigi Paulino Alfredo Francesco Antonio Ballassoni. He was born in Rock Falls, Illinois on July 6, 1924 and he died February 14, 2009. He was a jazz educator, bandleader, arranger and composer. He was also a pioneer in using two bass drums which was not done before his time.

Stick Control

This is by far one of the most popular books for drummers. It is a best-seller year after year. I have to be honest; I feel all of the hype on the book is not as worthy as some may think. Although the book is good to have and it is good to run through the entire book, at least once in your life. It is not the holy grail of books for drumming in no way.
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